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Alumni Travel Reading: Rivieras & Islands: France, Italy & Spain

Riviera Towns

Riviera Towns by Herbert Adams Gibbons Available online through

History of the Riviera

Scenery of the Riviera

The Riviera, Ancient and Modern

Written by Charles Lentheric and Translated by Charles West, 1895Available through

Welcome to the Rivieras & Islands Travel Guide

Shoreline of Cote d'Azure with sailboats anchored

Colours of the French Riviera, Photo by James Hetherington. Obtained with Creative Commons on Flickr.


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Joseph Holub
Research & Instructional Services Librarian
Latin American Studies
Spanish & Portuguese Language & Literature

Kirara Sato
Collections Assistant


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Kelsey LeClair
Administrative Assistant

The Italian Riviera in Film: Enchanted April (1992)

Two proper, middle-class English women, bored with their lives and their passionless husbands, spend a month on vacation in a medieval villa on the Italian Riviera. The idyllic hideaway holds a special magic, which reawakens hopes of a sunnier, more colorful future.
Click here to view the Franklin record.

Culture of the Riviera

Riviera Views

French Riviera, photograph by Paul Rysz.  Obtained on flickr with a Creative Commons license.

Portofino, Rivera Italiana.  Photograph by Pedro de Carvalho Ponchio.  Obtained on flickr with a Creative Commons license.

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