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Alumni Travel Reading: China

Classic China & The Yangtze

Courtesy of Chi King, from

Past and Present: An Introduction

The Great Wall

Couresty of

Beautiful Sichuan

Longsheng Rice Terraces. Courtesy of epidemiks,

The Everday in Sichuan Province

In Film:


24 City by the director Zhang Jiake, portrays contemporary Chengdu, a Sichuanese city, through a combination of documentary interviews and fictional scenes acted in a documentary style. 


The Anshun Bridge, Chengdu. Courtesy of


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In Books:


Along the Yangtze

Dusk on the Yangtze. Courtesy of


Selected and Annotated By:

Brian Vivier
Chinese Studies Librarian & Coordinator of Area Studies Collections

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In Film:

Lust, Caution is an espionage thriller based on Eileen Chang's novel of the same name (see below).

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In Books:

Shanghai Skyscape

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