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Alumni Travel Reading: Mysteries of Myanmar

Wildlife Preservation

Tiger half submerged in calm water

Taking a Dip: Bengal Tiger. Image from flickrfavorites | kewlwallpapers. Obtained on flickr with Creative Commons.

Inle Lake

Two boats on lake with mountains in background

Myanmar - Inle Lake. Image from Marc Veraart. Obtained on flickr with Creative Commons.


Boats on the shore of Thaungthaman Lake in Amarapura. Image by Paul Arps. Obtained on flickr with a Creative Commons license.

Culture & History of Myanmar

Mysteries of Myanmar

Golden pagoda with other towers and mountains at dusk

Myanmar Bagan. Image by Roderick Elme. Obtained on flickr with a Creative Commons license.


Selected and Annotated By:
Kelsey LeClair
Specialist in Classical Studies
Administrative Assistant, Penn Libraries

For more information about this Penn excursion, please visit the Penn Alumni Travel website.


Stories from Myanmar

A collection of 18 short documentaries about children in Myanmar, created by young Burmese men and women who were participants in The Art of Documentary Filmmaking Beginners Workshop in 2007 organized by the non-profit organization Yangon Film School.

Please view the video series by using the following link:

Burmese Folk Music

Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images. A young boy playing a Burmese harp. Process print. Published.

Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution-only license CC BY 4.0 on Wikimedia Commons.

Sounds of the Burmese Harp

Listen to the sounds of the Burmese Harp from our music archives. This folk music album is played by the Hsaing Waing Orchestra.

Myanmar [electronic resource]: Music by the Hsaing Waing Orchestra in a Smithsonian Recording

Penn ID holders may stream the album here:


Indein Temple Ruins: Indein, Shan State, Myanmar. Image from ReflectedSerendipity. Obtained on flickr with Creative Commons.

Buddhist Art


Bustling city street with multi-story buildings and wires between them

Yangon Street. Image by Waldemar Merger. Obtained on flickr with Creative Commons.

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