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Alumni Travel Reading: Villages and Vineyards

The Mosel

Vineyards Along the Mosel in Zell, Germany. Courtesy of

Burg Beilstein, Along the Mosel in Germany. Courtesy of

Germany For the Wine-Lover

Villages & Vineyards of the Mosel, Rhine & Main Rivers

A View of the Rhine from Marksburg, Germany. Courtesy of


Selected and Annotated By:
Brigitte Burris
Collection and Content Analyst
German Language and Literature

For more information about this Penn excursion, please visit the Penn Alumni Travel website.

Germany, A Brief History

Going Native

The Main

The Main in Würzburg, Germany. Courtesy of

The Main in Wertheim, Germany. Couresty of

The Rhine, A Culture

Here is an excellent English translation of nineteenth-century poet, Heinrich Heine’s, eponymous poem about the Lorelei. Heine adapted Clemens Brentano’s theme about the bewitching young woman into this famous poem. Beloved and memorized by schoolchildren the world over, Heine’s poem served as the gateway for the legend’s dissemination into popular culture.

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