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Alumni Travel Reading: Southwest National Parks of America

More information at National Parks and California National Parks Reading List

Geyser spraying

Books on National Parks

Glen Canyon

Canyon with winding river

Reflection Canyon, by Peter Boehringer.

Southwest National Parks of America

Lake in valley with mountains

Perfect Reflection at the Maroon Bells - Early Fall. Image courtesy of Dave Soldano.

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Selected and Annotated By:
Nick Orkent
Bibliographer for US History, Africana Studies, Philosophy, and Urban Studies

Alixandra Boucher
Collections Assistant

River Notes: A Natural and Human History of the Colorado

The Best View of the Grand Canyon

The Smithsonian Channel brings us through an breaktaking visual journey in this wondrous flight over the Grand Canyon.

For more from The Smithsonian Channel, visit their Youtube channel.

The Majesty of Monument Valley

A look at Utah's iconic Monument Valley, brought to viewers by National Geographic.

For more by National Geographic, see their Youtube channel.

Antelope Slot Canyon

River in circle around piece of canyon

Horseshoe Bend: Lower Antelope Canyons / Slot Canyons Page Arizona, by 45SURF Hero's Odyssey Mythology Photography

Books on National Parks

Slot Canyon

Canyon interior

Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona, by Andy Morffew.

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