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Alumni Travel Reading: Spain and Portugal


Consult a Fellow Traveler

Guidebooks and histories provide context and orientation. Any visit can be enriched, however, by in depth analyses of aspects of urban culture and fictional accounts that convey the “feel” of a place. One kind of writing that appeals to many travelers is an account by another traveler.

Barcelona, An Introduction

Street in Barcelona. Courtesy of


Cathedral in Barcelona. Courtesy of


Selected and Annotated By:
Joseph Holub
Research & Instructional Services Librarian
Latin American Studies
Spanish & Portuguese Language & Literature

For more information about the Penn excursion to these two cities, please visit the Penn Alumni Travel Website.

Barcelona in Fiction


Revolutionary Barcelona


City street with cars and tram

Lisbon tram. 7 March 2011, Philip SheldrakeCourtesy of

Lisbon and Literature

An Oporto Story

Contemporary Portugal

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