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Alumni Travel Reading: The Art & Culture of Cuba/Explore Cuba

La Revolución


Cathedral in Havana. Courtesy of

Travel & Memoir


Old city street with child

Old Havana Series.  Photographed by Nick Kenrick. Obtained with Creative Commons on flickr.

Cuba: Art & Culture

Large city square with fountain

Old Square in Havanna. Courtesy of

There has been plenty to read about Cuba ever since getting there became more difficult for Americans. Here are a few suggestions of works published in the new century that can provide some context for the first-time visitor.


Selected and Annotated By:

Joseph Holub
Librarian for Spain, Portugal, and Latin America
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Website Edited By:

Kelsey LeClair
Specialist in Classical Studies
Administrative Assistant, Penn Libraries
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For more information about this and other excursions, visit Penn Alumni Travel.

CBS News: The Story of Modern Cuba

The Story of Modern Cuba, CBS News. 2014.

An in-depth look at Cuba's history, current societal and political policies, and hopes for its future.

Watch the documentary in its entirety below, as provided by YouTube.

The Architecture of Havana



View of rooftops and mountain

Trinidad, by bernachoc.


Football in the streets of Cienfuegos, Cuba, by Roger.

Classic Cars

Classic cars in Havana. Courtesy of

Classic Cars.  Photogaphed by Gary Balding.  Obtained with Creative Commons on flickr.

Cuban History & Culture

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