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Alumni Travel Reading: India


India is a large country, with more than a dozen official languages, and a multiplicity of cultures. There are several good surveys on the history of India and, more generally, South Asia. A few of them are listed here. 


Tiger in Ranthambore. Courtesy of


Thrillers about tigers in India are by a colonial-era hunter and later conservationist, Jim Corbett, who wrote a series of books, the titles of which start as ‘Man-Eaters of ….’

Mystical India

Taj Mahal. Courtesy of


Selected and Annotated By:

Pushkar Sohoni
Area Studies Specialist for South Asia

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"Yamuna River, Agra, Uttar Pradesh." Courtesy of





Ganges river  shoreline with boats, stairs, and buildings

"Ahilya Ghat by the Ganges, Varanasi." Courtesy of

Guides for your Travels

There is no dearth of popular travel guide, most of which are particularly suited to Penn’s itinerary for what is known as the tourist triangle, comprised of Jaipur, Delhi, and Agra. 


Ancient Hinu temple with three towers and stairs

Khajuraho Temple. Courtesy of

Taj Mahal and Agra

The wealth of literature about the Taj Mahal is overwhelming, but an excellent essay by Wayne Begley, explaining an alternative meaning of the Taj can be found in the Art Bulletin of March 1979 (vol. 61 no. 1)


It is not unusual that the same author produces a scholarly monograph on a site, as well as a popular guide book. Such is the case for Khajuraho.

Other books of interest


Massive Hinu temple with domes and visitors

Akshardham, Delhi. Courtesy of

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